Join other students, exploring interests and making friends!

At West Junior High we offer a wide variety of activities for our students. Our out-of-school-time activities include the arts, sports, special interests, drama, music, drivers education, and much more. Try our activities to make new friends, explore your interests, have a fitness experience, and stretch your brain in a new direction.

Clubs meet throughout the year. Typically, students can join anytime with no registration or fee. Join an existing club or bring your ideas! Stay tuned to the announcements on the school monitors for club dates and times.

Awesome Fund HEF Grant

The Awesome Fund is a grant provided by the Hopkins Education Foundation that helps Hopkins clubs get funding to pursue initiatives that help other students, enhance the community, and heighten students educational experience. More information on the Awesome Fund can be found on the HEF Website.


A laptop displaying a Google Meet meeting in progress for the baking club next to a measuring cup and Nestle chocolate chips

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Purpose: Circle share, demonstrations, recipe Qs, the food cycle, nutrition, food and cooking safety, kitchen tools, holiday meals, and more!

Google Meet Nickname: TheBakingClubbers
Participation Fee: N/A

Purpose: Join this student interest group to explore and play the game Dungeons and Dragons! The D&D Club brings together diverse players to create and to adventure in a world formulated by the Dungeon Master. Sessions include cooperation, critical thinking, and logical skills in order to traverse puzzles and realistic scenarios.

Google Meet Nickname: DNDclub
Participation Fee: N/A

Purpose: Open discussion and exploration with creative brainstorming time. Subjects include basic concepts, finding resources, creating goals and tracking progress (data), working on a school or community environmental challenge, biodiversity, carbon emissions, and impacts on surroundings.

Contact: for more information

Purpose: Unified Club is an exciting program which combines students with and without intellectual disabilities to develop meaningful relationships, help spread acceptance and ensure everyone feels included and welcome in their school.

Contact: for more information