Junior High students build solar powered suitcases for Kenyan communities

The lights turned on in West Junior High’s gymnasium on Friday using nothing but solar energy. A group of scholars got together to build solar suitcases with an organization called We Share Solar.

The solar suitcases will be delivered to schools and community centers surrounding elephant and lion preserves in Kenya. Many of those communities do not have electricity, so when the sun goes down in the evening, they do not have the luxury of continuing daily tasks like holding city council meetings or students completing homework. Thank you to the students and many volunteers who helped build the solar suitcases!

There were several news outlets who attending the event. You can access some of the stories below.

Hopkins West Junior High Students Build Solar Powered Suitcases

Sun Current
Hopkins students build solar suitcases to power Kenyan schools

WJH Solar Suitcase & Service Day