WJH scholars baked Sweet Potato Pies for comfort and healing on May 20

Two students stand at counter peeling sweet potatoes.

Students at Hopkins West Junior High baked healing and comfort into their Sweet Potato Pie recipe on May 20. More than 80 students peeled sweet potatoes, rolled dough, measured ingredients, and mixed them altogether to bake Rose McGee’s Sweet Potato Comfort Pie. McGee is a local baker who uses Sweet Potato Comfort Pie to advance racial justice and equity.

Once the pies were made, students were able to share them with someone who they felt needed some healing and comfort. Many of the other pies were delivered to bus drivers and elementary teachers. Notes of gratitude written by the students accompanied each pie delivery.

Students spent some time reflecting on who would receive the pies. One scholar chose to give his mom a pie “because I think she needs a lot of healing right now, she lost her mom right before COVID and my grandma was a huge baker.” Another student chose to give their pie to a neighbor “who was diagnosed with cancer, and I just wanted to see her happy today.”

This was the second year that Hopkins West Junior High participated in baking Sweet Potato Pies during the anniversary of George Floyd’s death.