Community School

Hopkins West Middle School is a Full Service Community School thanks to a Minnesota Department of Education grant awarded in Spring 2022.

West Middle School is proud to be a Full Service Community School. Community Schools are rooted in the following key practices:

  • Collaborative leadership; shared voice and power
  • Expanded and enriched learning opportunities for students
  • Rigorous, community-connected classroom instruction
  • Culture of belonging, safety, and care
  • Integrated systems of support
  • Powerful student and family engagement

West Middle School is working on building these practices one relationship, conversation, and program at a time. This is complex, community-driven work rooted in building trust, love, and community. We are humbled and honored to grow our relationships and set goals with families, students, staff, and community members.

Watch for updates on Facebook, in the Principal's email newsletters, and on the school website as we continue to grow as a Full Service Community School.

What is a Community School?

WMS teachers with grant check.

Hopkins Education Foundation awards West a grant for Podcasts in Fall 2022 as a Learning Enrichment program at West

Integrated Services

As a community school, West partners with local organizations and businesses to provide a range of services and programs beyond traditional academic instruction. The convenience of having services accessible within the school building means families don't need to leave or miss a work day to transport a child to an appointment. It also ensures that students aren’t missing a part of their school day that could be integral to their academic success.

Full Service Community School Stakeholder Leadership Team Updates

Are you interested in adding your voice to the Full Service Community School work? We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Dena Sage at, or call 952-567-8931.

Stakeholder Leadership Team Members 2023-24

Jennifer Valorose, WMS Caregiver
Valeta Moore, WMS Caregiver 
Caroline Hickey, myHealth
Sam Randall, Treehouse
John Williams, Change Equals Opportunity
Dan Narr, ICA
Serita Mattei, WMS Principal
Mario Reese, WMS Family Liaison
Dena Sage, WMS Community School Coordinator