Report Bullying

Hopkins West Middle School takes bullying & harassment seriously. Bullying harms the victim and the bully, and it makes our school a less safe and comfortable place to learn for everyone.


At Hopkins West Middle School, we define bullying as:

Mean actions which included physical actions, name-calling, rumor-passing, exclusion, sexual harassment, and cyber bullying, among others:

  • repeated and goes on over time.
  • an imbalance of power.
  • victim's education is negatively impacted.

 These are our school rules about bullying:

  • I will not bully others.
  • I will try to help students who are being bullied.
  • I will include students who are left out.
  • If know someone is being bullied, I will tell an adult at home or at school.

At Hopkins West Middle School, we define harassment as:

Involving mean or hurtful words or actions tied to another person's personal characteristics, such as race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

For the complete WMS policy on Bullying & Harassment, please refer to our Student Handbook.

Bullying / Harassment Report

To report an incident that has happened to yourself, your child, or a student you know, fill out our Bullying / Harassment Report.

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